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Don't Overlook the Envelope

Posted by: Claire Leiter on 4/23/20 11:57 AM

Everyone gets so much mail every day and who has time to open all of it? Don't overlook the marketing potential of the envelope. How can you help your customers make sure that their mailers don't end up in the recycling bin? After all, you both put a lot of work into it. To help ensure that their message is read, help your customers to utilize the blank space of the envelope with these three ideas. 

stand out in a crowd

People are more likely to open an envelope that has a color design on it rather than just  black and white text. Instead of just your customer's company logo and return address on the envelope, why not include a mission statement or image that their brand identifies with too? Help your customer to use the envelope to consistently convey their brand’s identity by using their logo colors. Catch the recipient's eye by personalizing a direct mail campaign with custom printing. You can use different images and colors with variable data printing with digital inkjet devices.

secondary messages

Envelopes are also a great place to make announcements, share changes in service, or advertise new products. Instead of spending money on an announcement that isn't important enough for an entire direct mail campaign, help your client get the best "bang for their buck by printing the message on the envelope. The back flap of an envelope is often overlooked space for a simple message like - "Thank you for your business".


The key to utilizing the marketing potential of the envelope is good design. Some things to keep in mind when helping your customer design their envelopes are to make sure the design is clean and neat, don't make the envelope too cluttered with a lot of images and text, and use bold, bright color to catch they eye. And finally, don't forget to utilize the space on the back flap!

Utilize the marketing potential of the envelope. Keep these three key ideas in mind when designing envelopes for your customer. Don't let your marketing efforts go to waste and end up in the bottom of bin --literally! 




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