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Increase Direct Mail Sales with Remits

Posted by: Claire Leiter on 7/31/20 4:00 PM

Charitable organizations are facing an increased demand for their services AND a surge of donations. Hopefully the steady flow of charitable giving will continue as the pandemic marches on. Remit envelopes are an effective way for charitable organizations to remind people to give and make it easy to do so. 

Time to give

The need has never been greater for charitable giving with COVID-19 affecting everyone in our country in some way. From food banks and private foundations to your local church, charitable organizations are all in need of extra giving as the demand for help continues to increase.

Fortunately, people that are in a financial position to give, are still willing to. According to a survey conducted by Fidelity Charitable, 54% of people that are already charitable donors plan to maintain their giving and 25% plan to increase giving. In addition, the CARES Act, the two-trillion dollar economic stimulus package passed in April, also provides income-tax advantages to charitable givers.

stand out from the digital noise

Whether it’s an Instagram or Facebook post or e-mail asking for a donation, we are up to our ears in digital marketing every day. It’s easy to delete an email, close a web page, or keep scrolling. I know that I have chosen not to donate online if doing so requires me to go through lots of pages of forms or register for an online donation tool. And with many of us working remotely, the last thing we want to do it spend more time staring at a screen.

During the pandemic, direct mail has become an effective tool to reach a captive audience. People are home with time to spare. A personalized piece of mail is the human connection many people are craving these days. Remits are a cost efficient and easy way to ask or remind people to give because the remit is all of the information in one package - a physical reminder to give, a form, and a ready-to-go envelope to return a donation in. Plus, slipping some cash or a check into an already addressed and metered remit makes it easy to give.

print remits easily with ijetcolor

While we have a captive audience for direct mail, we still have to catch their eye with good design to get them to open the envelope and be inspired to give! That’s where the iJetColor inkjet envelope press can help you to print remit envelopes easily, quickly, and affordably, so you can pass on the value to your customer. Print variable data, 4-color, full bleed remits of any size that will have people whipping out their checkbooks to give. 

We all want to do our part in this difficult time, and often people have the resources to give but don't know where to go. Unique, remit envelopes can help charitable organizations make it easy for their donors to continue to give. And the iJetColor helps you, help them!

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