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Making the Transition to Digital

Posted by: Tim Murphy on 12/17/18 4:57 PM

We love working with print shops that are transitioning from traditional offset to digital for envelope printing. While they’re often excited to jump in after years of deliberation, they take the time to ask the right questions about how digital inkjet printing can be effectively implemented into their existing business.

So, if you’re like them, you’ll want to remember these three aspects to a successful transition into digital inkjet printing.

rethink your designs

Make those complex files with crop marks and registration marks print-ready (because you don’t have to convert envelopes anymore!). Plus, maximize your new capabilities by designing full-color envelopes with variable data and a bleed off one edge (or all four!).

rethink your process

New capabilities allow for improved processes. For your customers—with one-touch job preview and processing, you can run samples for customers while they’re in front of you and provide same-day turnaround. For your employees, walkaway reliability of the equipment frees an operator to work on other projects or the speed provides flexibility in what they can accomplish in a shift.

rethink your profits

This may be the most exciting one. With the lowest cost-per-piece in the industry for short-run full color work, printers are increasing their profits dramatically with inkjet. What could your profits be? Consider how you will price envelopes with full-color, variable data, or full bleeds and in what quantities you’ll sell them.

Making the switch to anything new is exciting, but when printers are increasing their capabilities, improving their process, and making more money doing it, that’s really something to get excited about—and we’re here to help them make the most of it.

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