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Bill is the Director of Sales a iJetColor.
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Tax Advantages

Posted by: Bill Frederick on 10/2/20 9:15 AM

If this was a normal year - we won't pretend that it is - making decisions about new equipment purchasing would be a lot easier, but with financial instability due to the pandemic, we understand that these decisions are hard. That's why we want to share some information about tax advantages for 2020 filing from our friends at American Financial Partners.  These two tax advantages make the purchase of capital equipment before the end of the year not only possible, but financially beneficial to you! Maybe you'll be welcoming an iJetColor envelope press to your print operation in 2020 afterall. 
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Profit Now, Pay Later

Posted by: Bill Frederick on 8/13/20 10:00 AM

We know the purse strings are tight these days, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on profitably producing envelopes to help drive your business during these tough times. Between mail-in-voting and an increased relevancy of direct mail, envelopes are in demand! Check out our Profit Now, Pay Later program to find a leasing option that works for you and your business. 
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The 2020 Election Season & The Print Industry

Posted by: Bill Frederick on 6/15/20 8:35 AM

Election season is gearing up and it looks like printers will play a key role this year due to health concerns with the ongoing pandemic. Are you prepared to meet the demand?  
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Your Top 5 FAQs Answered

Posted by: Bill Frederick on 5/21/20 8:18 AM

Whether you're already thinking about buying an iJetColor system or are just learning about iJetColor, here are our top 5 frequently asked questions: 
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Solution Considerations: iJet Classic/NXT vs. iJet Pro

Posted by: Bill Frederick on 8/28/19 11:38 AM

We regularly hear this question from high volume printers: Should I get multiple iJetColor benchtop systems or an iJetColor Pro? It’s true the two options can ultimately handle equal volumes, so which option is the right solution for your print shop? There are a few things to consider.
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Which iJetColor System is Right for You?

Posted by: Bill Frederick on 6/21/19 4:08 PM

For over six years, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses print short-run envelopes faster and more profitably with a single solution: the iJetColor Press (which is now known as the iJetColor Classic). Powered by Memjet technology, the iJetColor outputs at 1/3 of the cost of toner devices and 2x faster, making it the right solution for 900+ printers in North America. With the increasing demand for inkjet solutions and a widening number of printers transitioning to inkjet from toner or offset, we too needed a wider range of solutions to meet those needs—thus, came the iJetColor NXT and the iJetColor Pro in September 2018. What’s the difference?   Which one will meet your needs? There are two primary components to this decision.
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4 Efficiencies a short-run, full-color envelope printer brings

Posted by: Bill Frederick on 4/9/19 10:03 AM

A short-run, full-color envelope printer saves you and your business time. In an industry where time is money, outfitting your business with time efficient equipment translates into value. Take a look at the following time-saving efficiencies and imagine how they would benefit your business. 
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How Do I Compare Printers to Know which is right for me?

Posted by: Bill Frederick on 3/21/19 8:08 AM

When you set out to compare printers, it can be all too easy to get caught up in the details and forget one of the most important variables: the printer you choose needs to help you and your business meet needs that are not being met.
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Should I Stop Outsourcing my Envelope Printing?

Posted by: Bill Frederick on 3/19/19 11:03 AM

Outsourcing your envelope printing through a third party vendor might seem like it comes with some benefits. You send off order details, and the order comes back completed. What's starting to happen time and time again is that businesses are seeing their profit margins get smaller while their order turn times are growing. If this sounds a little too familiar, ask yourself the following questions:
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5 Things to Look for When Researching Envelope Printers

Posted by: Bill Frederick on 3/13/19 2:30 PM

Researching a new piece of printing equipment can quickly become a headache. If everyone says their machine is the best, how do you know who’s right? Instead of trying to figure out what’s the best overall, focus on what would be best for your business. These points will help:
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