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Do MORE with an Envelope with Inkjet Digital Printing

Posted by: Tim Murphy on 9/27/17 9:03 AM

Printers and marketers are always looking for ways to increase the effectiveness of their direct mail campaigns. When done well, direct mail marketing can engage your recipients and significantly increase your return on investment (ROI). Today, I'll share a few ways to make your direct mail efforts more successful simply by doing more with an envelope.

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Stand Out from the Clutter with Memjet Printhead Technology

Posted by: Bill Frederick on 9/19/17 10:02 AM

One of the biggest hurdles you need to overcome in order to increase the ROI of your direct mail campaigns is standing out from the crowd. When someone receives a pile of letters and postcards in the mail, one of the first things they do is filter through what they need to look at and what they can toss out.

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iJetColor: What Does More Business Printing Profit Mean?

Posted by: Tim Murphy on 8/25/17 9:42 AM

When customers compare the costs of running envelope runs on their previous machine vs. on the iJetColor, they discover a huge opportunity for increasing their printing profitability

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iJetColor Does More for Your Customers

Posted by: Bill Frederick on 8/11/17 11:02 AM

When compared to other short run, full color envelope printers, the iJetColor printer is the leading product on today's market. It prints at high speeds, requires very little setup or maintenance, and has been shown to significantly grow profit margins for our customers. Here are some of the ways this inkjet envelope printer rises above the competition and helps you better serve your customers. 

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iJetColor Envelope Press Differentiators [Infographic]

Posted by: Bill Frederick on 7/27/17 9:28 AM

The iJetColor Envelope Press has an engine capable of high-speed printing, second-to-none color match capabilities, and a growing list of happy customers who wish they'd learned about it sooner. 

To help you see how this envelope printer can revolutionize envelope printing as you know it, check out this infographic. It details the primary differentiators of this powerful machine. 

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[VIDEO] That's me, the Envelope and How Envelope Printers Bring Value

Posted by: Tim Murphy on 6/29/17 9:13 AM

When you're considering ways to improve marketing efforts, don't underestimate the power of the envelope. Envelopes play important roles in most people's daily lives. They carry personal and professional information right to doorsteps, and they have the capabilities to delight individuals and drive consumer action. 

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We're Not Just Another Printer - Why the iJetColor Press is Different

Posted by: Bill Frederick on 6/21/17 8:47 AM

The iJetColor Press is a complete digital color print solution with an industry standard iJetColor color matching RIP and workflow, a printhead and combo ink pack capable of printing thousands of 4-color envelopes, letterheads, and direct mail pieces. Below, I've outlined a few of the key benefits of this turnkey printing system.

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iJetColor Testimonials and Customer Success Stories

Posted by: Tim Murphy on 6/1/17 8:18 AM

When it comes to comparing envelope printers, few things are as valuable as first-hand accounts of individuals and businesses who have already purchased and put the technology to use. Today, I'm sharing iJetColor testimonials from two of our customers.

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[SLIDESHARE] a Short-Run, Full-Color Envelope Printer Benefits your Business

Posted by: Bill Frederick on 5/22/17 7:22 AM

If you're looking for a way to shrink your timelines and grow your profit margins associated with envelope printing, a short-run, full-color envelope printer could be the answer. Below, I've outlined a few of the ways the iJetColor Press benefits businesses

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