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3 Reasons to use the power-of-zero program for the iJetColor Press

Posted by: Bill Frederick on 7/18/18 8:41 AM

We get it, many business owners like to own the equipment they use, but our customers have shared some compelling reasons why our Manufacturer Power-of-Zero financing program was actually the better business decision for them. Here’s why:


Our customers have found that a small monthly payment can be paid for with the profits from only a few jobs on the iJetColor each month, which means everything else is free cash flow. The return on investment is nearly immediate and frees up funds for other business investments.


Ever had a piece of equipment stop working like it should? This can have a significant impact on fulfilling the demands of customers. Our financing program is bundled with a warranty and service plan for the life of the program, so users have peace of mind that they will stay up-and-running to meet tight deadlines.


We’ve seen it before, we’ll see it again—technology evolves. At the end of a 3, 4, or 5-year term, you have an opportunity to upgrade to the latest technology, hassle free—no fussing with selling a piece of used equipment. You also have the choice to buy-out the machine at a low FMV value. The choice is yours.

Best of all, we as the manufacturer worked to make it simple with set payment options and deferred interest. To learn more, reach out to me at or call me at (800) 456-1400 ext 418.

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