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5 Reasons to Invest in a Short-Run, Full-Color Envelope Printer

Posted by: Bill Frederick on 4/19/18 12:27 PM

For those of you asking yourselves this question: Why should I purchase an iJetColor Press? To help you find the answer, I've included five reasons why an investment in a short-run, full-color envelope printer is worth it. 

1. Your Turn Times Will Shrink

If you want your envelope print jobs in and out of your shop quickly, a short-run, full-color envelope printer is the way to go. Turn around time is one of the most common remarks business owners who've made the switch will site. 

2. Anyone Can Run It

5 reasons to invest in a short run full color envelope printerIs your pressman retiring? With an offset printer, running print jobs is both labor intensive and supply intensive. When you have one employee trained to perform this single function within your business, what happens when they need a day off and you're facing a rush order?

The iJetColor Press is easy to run and easy to learn. We offer numerous training and education resources on our website. Because every feature is integrated and simplistic, you could train just about anybody to run it. 

3. You Can Seamlessly Move Between Print Jobs 

The time lost switching between short run print jobs adds up fast. The iJetColor 4.0 Press Performance Bundle comes will variable data printing and color spot matching. These features make managing short run jobs through the iJetColor Press seamless. With preset calibrations for common paper stocks and the ability to store previous jobs, iJetColor Press users save significant time.

4.  Phenomenal Customer Support from Printware

In addition to providing our customers with a complete envelope printing system and setup, they also receive comprehensive support and training. We offer:

5. Your Profit Margins will Grow

It's cheap to run. The product costs and operating costs of a short-run full-color envelope printer are significantly lower than with any alternative on the market today. Combine that with its speed, efficiency, and ability to accurately calculate job costs and you're looking at numerous opportunities to grow your profit margins. 

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