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How to Prep Your iJet Press for the Holidays

Posted by: Annie Goldberg on 12/21/20 10:44 AM

As the holidays quickly approach, I hope you are planning to take some much deserved r and r, but don't forget to get your iJet Press ready for a vacation of its' own! If you plan to halt print production on your iJet press for a few days over the holidays, here are a few things you can do to ensure that it is ready to go when you return. 

Remove the Printhead Cartridge

1. Open the M Series Toolbox. You can open this either from the
mColor/Navigator interface of the windows start menu. Make sure you have
at least 30% of each ink color left.
2. Open the Top Cover. Press the “SYSTEM DEPRIME” button in the toolbox. The
Printer pumps any ink in the system back into the Ink Tanks. Then the
Printhead Cover pops open.
3. Fully open the printhead latch to retract the ink lines. Remove the used Printhead
Cartridge by tilting it toward the ink lines, and then carefully lift it out of the
Printhead Compartment.
4. Re‐install the “Cap Protectors” onto the Ink Revolver Couplings

Store the Printhead Cartridge

1.Re-install the Printhead CFold a lint free cloth several times so that it will fit into the bottom of the
orange storage cap that came with the printhead.
2. Wet the lint free cloth slightly with distilled or deionized water. This will
help to prevent the ink nozzles from becoming dehydrated.
3. Place the printhead into the orange cap and secure the cap.
4. Place the printhead into a large Ziploc bag. Force excess air out of the bag and seal.

Re-Installing the Printhead Cartridge

1. Remove the printhead from the bag and remove the orange cap.
2. Wipe the gold colored electrical contacts on the side of the printhead to remove and ink or water. MAKE SURE THE CONTACTS ARE DRY BEFORE RE‐INSTALLING THE PRINTHEAD.
3. Wipe the ink off of the nozzle side of the printhead with a lint free cloth dampened with distilled or de‐ionized water.
4. Carefully insert the printhead cartridge into the compartment at an angle, with the print nozzle surface facing down and the ink receptacles facing towards the Ink Couplings and hoses.
5. Once the cartridge is fully inserted, gently but firmly rotate the top of the cartridge to a vertical position; DO NOT FORCE the cartridge into position. If it does not rotate, check to be sure it is fully inserted.
6. DO NOT close the Printhead Latch at this time. First, open the clamshell with both hands. Using a lint‐free cloth soaked with deionized or distilled water, wet the entire Printhead Nozzle area. Be liberal with the amount of water you leave behind on the nozzles (the thin dark line on bottom of printhead cartridge).

7. Immediately after wetting the nozzles surface, GENTLY close the clamshell.
CAUTION: To prevent damage, hold onto, then lift and release both latches when closing. If you force it closed without holding the latches open, you will eventually damage the latches and clamshell switch (door switch).
8. Slowly close the Printhead Latch until it locks. It will be resistant, but apply consistent pressure and the ink couplings will ease into the ink ports on the printhead. Once latch is closed, the printer will automatically start running a “printhead priming routine”. 
 After closing the Printhead Latch there will be a ~15 second pause (no noise or
 Then you will hear the Service Station move to the capping position.
 Then you will hear the ink pump start to run.
 At this time, ink should start flowing through all the tubes, in and out of the printhead. If you see this occurring, then the priming process is working and you can skip to Step 12.
9. Once the printhead priming process is successful (all ink tubes are filled, in and out of the printhead); it will take an additional 5 ‐ 10 minutes for the printer to complete the process. During this time the printer will emit a number of chirps, whirrs and other noises.
10. Watch the Toolbox screen on your computer. Notice that some of the information is in red. As the printer circulates ink and primes the system these fields should all turn black. This may take a few minutes.

NOTE: If any Ink Tank is less than 30% full, the Printhead Cartridge priming process may fail (not enough ink to completely fill the system). In this case you will need to replace the tank(s) containing low ink and repeat the printhead priming process. After the Printhead is primed, you can re-install the original Ink Tank(s) to use up any remaining ink.

11. When the printer stops processing, and all the fields in System Status are black, the printer is ready for use. When
the printer is ready for use you will also observe the following printer Control Panel condition: ON/OFF button light
ON, Paper/Resume light OFF, Pause/Cancel light OFF.
12. Close the top cover.

Storing the printhead properly when you are closed for a few days over the holidays, will ensure that your iJet Press will start printing again without a hitch. For more technical bulletins like this and access to the iJetColor Wizard, make sure you that you have a current iJetAdvantage support contract! For more information or to renew your contract, contact


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