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How Do I Compare Printers to Know which is right for me?

Posted by: Bill Frederick on 3/21/19 8:08 AM

When you set out to compare printers, it can be all too easy to get caught up in the details and forget one of the most important variables: the printer you choose needs to help you and your business meet needs that are not being met.

How do I know which printer is right for me?

There is no shortage of printers on the market today. From laser and LED to solid-ink and inkjet, knowing what printer is right for your business starts with understanding your needs. 

What Needs are Not Being Met By Your Current Printer?

How do I compare printers to know which is right for me?Begin by taking a look at your current printing situation and figure out what isn't working. Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Are material costs and operator expenses too high? 
  • Is your current system difficult to operate, requiring intensive, specialized training? 
  • Are current outsourcing efforts inefficient and slow? 
  • Are you finding inconsistent quality after running print jobs? 
  • Are print jobs slow to run and difficult to switch between? 

What Capabilities are Most Important? 

Then, consider what capabilities are most important to you and your business. Do your current print devices and processes get you the results you want? Some printers are complex to operate, and others can be operated by just about anybody after a little training. 

If you find yourself needing to color match envelope printing with the other printed materials, keep this in mind when you compare printers. 

Variable data printing is another sought after capability in envelope printing. This enables you to store past print jobs and quickly retrieve them whenever you need to. So, if you have a repeat customer, variable data printing allows you to pick up right where you left off, even if it's been a long period of time between orders. 

How are You Budgeting for Your New Printer? 

Your budget is always a reality when investing in a new printer. While some companies are able to buy new devices outright, smaller businesses or franchises may need a little flexibility with how they invest. Taking advantage of leasing opportunities is a great way to upgrade to a quality printing system without spending the capital upfront. 

What are the Physical Space Requirements Your Printer Needs to Fit? 

When comparing printers, pay attention to physical space requirements. If you only have a small square footage to work with, you'll need to find a printer that's more compact. Instead of investing in a printer that won't fit in your existing space, know your parameters before you purchase. 

What Do Other Inkjet Printer Reviews Say? 

Researching inkjet printer reviews is a great way to compare printers. With reviews and customer testimonials, you're able to see how other businesses have fared with particular devices.

It can be especially powerful if you find inkjet printer reviews where customers were facing similar problems that you currently face. Additionally, customer reviews are a great place to assess post-sale customer service - something we all need from time to time.  


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