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Your Top 5 FAQs Answered

Posted by: Bill Frederick on 5/21/20 8:18 AM

Whether you're already thinking about buying an iJetColor system or are just learning about iJetColor, here are our top 5 frequently asked questions: 

   1. Is there a click charge?

No – inkjet is fundamentally different from all other xerographic systems (toner-based envelope systems or digital production systems - copiers with envelope feeding capabilities).  The only variable costs on the iJetColor system is replacement print heads, ink and occasional low-cost consumable maintenance items. 

  1. How does it bleed off the edge?

The iJetColor systems feature the unique print platinum design that catches excess ink as it waterfalls over the edge to create a full bleed image.

  1. Can it handle sheets?

Yes, the adjustable feed-guides and friction-based design with sensitive sheet separators allow for easy feeding of sheets such as letterhead, cardstock, and NCR forms.

  1. What is the cost of the consumables? Are the inks in separate tanks/cartridges?

There are only two main consumables in inkjet operations: replacement print heads that cost $550 and typically run without needed replacement over 100,000 envelopes and replacement separate ink cartridges that come in CMYKK at $250 per 250ml cartridges that our customers describe as “sipping ink”. This means you can print corner-copy work for as low as $0.003 per piece!

  1. How does service work?

With over 1,000 installations, we've figured out the best way to provide immediate support to keep users up-and-running is through 24/7 phone support--no need to wait hours for a half-trained service technician to come on site, we answer the phone, help diagnose the problem, and remotely get you back to profiting from short-run envelopes!

Have more questions? Give us a call at (800) 456-1400 ext 4 or email us at

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