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FROM Offset to digital - the print pro experience

Posted by: Tim Murphy on 3/19/19 10:36 AM

Brady Reynolds of Print Pro Columbus, OH switched from offset printing to the iJetColor envelope printer. We asked him to share his experience:


Switching from Offset Printing to the iJetColor Envelope Printer

Before working with iJetColor, Brady was running envelope print jobs on an offset printer. “We changed over to iJet because we wanted something that we could do quickly, something that would bleed on all four sides, something we could put an inexperienced operator on, and they could operate it without any kind of trade school to learn how to run an offset press.” And the iJetColor envelope printer did all of that.

Working with the iJetColor Team

For Brady, working with the iJetColor team was easy. “…basically, they had everything in line. They had their product information, and they quickly emailed it to me. I was able to review it, watch all the videos on it - the training online is incredibly easy.”

We work to make the entire experience easy for our customers: learning about the machine, seeing its capabilities, setting it up, and getting going.

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Envelope Printing Made Quick and Easy

"The biggest benefit is that it is quick. I did not need an experienced press operator – in fact, I have the person who runs my copier running it. The turnaround, full color, full bleed – it’s incredibly fast.”

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