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Do More With an Envelope

Posted by: Tim Murphy on 8/22/18 8:35 AM

If you print envelopes, you’re probably well-versed in both traditional methods of printing: offset and toner. Each had its benefits—offset provided low cost per piece and toner offered digital convenience, but with the changes and advancements in the industry, came a better way.

Inkjet is allowing printers to do more with envelopes in three key ways.


Because of the advanced technology, printers can use regular window envelopes, bleed off the edge, PMS color-match, and print eye-catching designs and personalized messages on a wide variety of sizes, as small as coins and As up to catalogues and booklets.


Inkjet is allowing printers to say “Yes” to their customers’ increasing demands. They can say “yes” to branding, same-day turnaround, competitive pricing, and shorter runs.


Not only can printers meet their customers’ demands, they can increase their profits while doing so. Inkjet is 1/3 the cost of toner to operate. Plus, they can achieve faster job output, increase billable services, and offer lower minimum orders, all which drive their business forward. Did I mention their pressman can finally retire?

There are multiple ways to print envelopes these days, which begs the question: what is the best way? The answer will depend on how much you want to do with an envelope. If you want to do more, perhaps inkjet is the right option for you (like it was for our 700+ customers).

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