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Grow Your Direct Mail Profits with High-Speed Variable Data Printing

Posted by: Bill Frederick on 10/24/17 10:00 AM

Variable data printing automates personalization during short-run envelope printing. Beyond the ability to store and recall print information from previous envelope runs, the software that comes with iJetColor envelope press can take preset customer data and use it to customize each envelope. 

What is Variable Data Printing?

Grow Your Direct Mail Profits with High-Speed Variable Data PrintingWhen you use variable data printing, each envelope in a print run can have different images and messages that are specifically geared toward a single person. Instead of bland, generic direct mail, you can benefit from mass customization.

It's sort of like a sophisticated version of a mail merge. When you perform a mail merge, names and addresses stored in a spreadsheet are printed onto individual envelopes. 

Variable data printing uses a similar concept as a mail merge does, and it can be used to alter each printed envelope based on any and all information. You can change imagery and messages to increase personalization, you can even add custom URLs to track response rates. By printing more targeted, relevant envelopes, you increase the ROI of direct mail efforts.  

People Respond to Personalization

One of the hurdles of direct mail campaigns is getting noticed by a recipient. All of us receive endless amounts of generic mailers, and people have gotten very good at weeding out what is and isn't worth their time. 

When direct mail is personalized to each recipient, it increases response rate - it's as simple as that. Whether direct mail efforts are focussed on fundraising, lead generation, loyalty, or nurturing, the results show personalization increases success rates.

High-Speed Variable Data Printing with the iJetColor Plus

With our easy-to-use RIP and Workflow 4.0, the iJetColor envelope press can perform print jobs using variable data at a low cost-per-piece. This makes it possible for you to provide personalized direct mail materials that will increase response rates and profitability. 

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