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iJetColor Customer Testimonial video - Envelope Printer Review

Posted by: Bill Frederick on 1/24/18 9:31 AM



As you saw in the video, Dee Washburn of Service Envelope in Northbrook, IL has experienced the iJetColor Plus envelope printer's impact on her business first-hand. In just a few short months with the machine, her experience has been "great" and the service has been "phenomenal."

In addition to the high-quality support and service Dee has received after purchasing her envelope printer, the product itself has brought a number of benefits to Service Envelope: 

  • "It [the iJetColor Plus] has the ability to print so many types of things."
  • "It's easy to change the ink in and out."
  • "The quality [of the printed products] is great."
  • "It really does allow you a lot of freedom and a lot of different options on what you want to print."

Hearing customer feedback like Dee's is like music to the iJetColor team's ears. It means we're doing the job we set out to do, and we're doing it well.  

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