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Toner vs. Inkjet Printers - What's the Difference?

Posted by: Bill Frederick on 1/18/19 9:41 AM

Today, I'll be covering the advantages inkjet printing has over toner-based printers, especially when it comes to short-run envelope printing

Toner vs. Inkjet Printers - What's the Difference?

Downsides of Toner-Printed Envelopes

Toner-based printers are kind of hard on envelopes. They apply heat and pressure that can damage envelopes and leave unwanted marks behind. Plus, the way an envelope moves through most toner printers can bend, twist, and crease them. 

Also, toner-based printers aren't known for feeding very well. Since they're not continuously fed, operators have to stop or slow production in order to reload the machine. In general, these printers can be a little harder to deal with overall.

Benefits of Inkjet Printing

The number one benefit is price - low-cost inkjet printers help businesses raise profit margins. The price of your consumables (ink and printhead) is much lower with inkjet printers. And overall, the cost to operate an inkjet printer is half that of a toner-based printer. 

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Beyond cost savings, inkjet printers are fast. The speed you're able to print allows you to run more envelope print jobs in a shorter amount of time. This faster turn time means you can focus more of your time and energy on other areas of your business. Plus, unlike toner printers, inkjet printing does not use heat or pressure, meaning it's much gentler on your envelopes. 

In summary, inkjet printers make it possible to print more quickly and more efficiently at a lower cost. For our customers who've made the switch from toner-based to inkjet printing, the difference is night and day. 

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