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Not Just Another Printer - Why the iJetColor Press is Different

Posted by: Bill Frederick on 6/21/17 8:47 AM

The iJetColor Press is a complete digital color print solution with an industry standard iJetColor color matching RIP and workflow, a printhead and combo ink pack capable of printing thousands of 4-color envelopes, letterheads, and direct mail pieces. Below, I've outlined a few of the key benefits of this turnkey printing system.

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Low Total Cost of Ownership

The majority of short-runs come in at a cost of less than one cent per piece. And that estimate includes ink costs and print head costs. The many efficiencies brought on by the following features also lower ownership costs. 

High Performance

iJetColor's short-run, full-color printer is up to two times faster than existing printers. For example, toner-based machines running the same envelope print job will:

  • Use more expensive window envelopes
  • Require expensive supplies
  • Crease and emboss envelopes with heat and pressure
  • Limit the types of stock you can use (in terms of thickness and texture)


With installation and setup handled for you, getting started with an iJetColor Press is easy. Customers gain access to exclusive on-line training modules and customer service support staff to ensure they know how to properly use and maintain their equipment.


The iJetColor Inkjet Printing System can pay for itself in as little as 12 months by maintaining a realistic production average. Our rule of thumb is this: produce 10 orders per month of 1,000 envelopes each, at an average of $200 per order, and you’ll easily cover the cost in one calendar year.

Flexible Paper Handling

Our inkjet technology allows for printing on textured envelopes and envelopes with various thicknesses. And, because the iJetColor does not use heat or pressure, you will not damage envelopes with unwanted creases or embossing. With the ability to run print jobs with envelopes of different sizes and textures, the final product can be more detailed and audience-specific

Production Class RIP and Workflow

Both the iJetColor Performance Bundle and the iJetColor Performance Package come with production-ready software. This inkjet technology allows you to automate production, manage jobs, and deliver professional color quality. Users also save time switching between short-run jobs due to the RIP and Workflow software capabilities

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