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3 Reasons You Want an Envelope Printer with Personalization Capabilities

Posted by: Bill Frederick on 5/8/18 8:53 AM

Nowadays, businesses are focusing most of their energy on online marketing. They’re able to personalize emails and grab the attention of their readers by sending them messages with words and images that are picked just for them. These same efforts that help businesses stand out online can be even more effective offline.

3 Reasons You Want an Envelope Printer with Personalization Capabilities

Direct mail campaigns that use personalized words and images can make a big impact in today’s world, and they can even use online information to do it. As envelope printing quality continues to grow, here’s what printing personalized envelopes can help you do.

1. Stand Out

Over the years, people have gotten pretty good at spotting junk mail. It usually doesn’t take much more than a quick scan to figure it out. But, personalization technology and envelope printing technology has come a long way in recent years.

Take, for example, an auto dealership. If you were searching online for a specific make and model of a vehicle in a certain color, a dealership could use that information to send you a mailer that featured that exact vehicle you were looking at right on the envelope. By using high-quality envelope printing, the image could come in full, rich color that fills the entire envelope. You better believe that would catch your eye.  

2. Build Trust

Since we can buy just about anything from anywhere these days, companies need to build trust with their customers in order to stay in business. Mailers with generic words printed on a stark white envelope might actually do more harm than good when it comes to building trust. After all, who wants to open an envelope with SPECIAL OFFER INSIDE printed in bright red font? A well thought out, truly personalized envelope can show your customers that you really know them.

3. Get a Better Response

There’s plenty of data to support the value of direct mail campaigns, and the statistics show that personalization makes efforts much more successful. For instance, adding a person’s full name and full color to direct mail has been shown to increase response rates by 135%. By taking one more step and adding even more specific database information, response rates can go up 500%.

There’s really no doubt that direct mail campaigns have their place in successful marketing efforts, but how often is it really being done? With the majority of businesses focusing on online efforts, there’s a huge opportunity to get noticed through direct mail. Not to mention, most of the personalization efforts can be made so easy with today’s envelope printer technology. Nowadays, high-quality envelope printing with variable data is only a few keystrokes away – if you have the right equipment and the right technology.

So, don’t ignore direct mail, use it to stand out.

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