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Another Way to Understand ROI

Posted by: Tim Murphy on 7/3/18 10:07 AM

Any good business owner knows the importance of evaluating ROI when Riskconsidering an investment in new printing equipment. But technology and new media specialist, Paul Gillin, asked, “When you say ROI, do you mean return on investment or risk of inaction?”

Most people first think about the return on investment which is one method of measuring your possible return - but many customers remind us that you also have to factor in the risks of inaction when investing.

Below are a few considerations for those of you thinking about adding a new inkjet envelope press.



Customer demands are changing. They are asking for full-color with unique, customizable designs in quantities of 250, 500, or 1,000. Plus, they want it tomorrow at a competitive price. Without adopting new inkjet technology that can do just that, old toner or offset printers are finding it more difficult to say “Yes” to these demands.


If you’re forcing an order through an old toner device not built for envelope production, inking up an old offset press, or outsource the job, you lose control of meeting your customer’s deadline. Time is the one thing we don’t have an unlimited quantity of – so use it wisely to meet your customer's demands.

LOSING PROFIT on jobs you never bid

Naturally, losing customers and losing time adds-up to losing profit.  Meanwhile, printers who’ve switched to inkjet technology are finding the low consumable cost is producing high profits when they can sell something to a customer they already have – which is the most profitable and easiest customer to win.

It is important to understand your return on investment (which is why we made it so easy), but there’s another ROI to consider—the risks of not switching to inkjet technology so you can say “yes” to your customers and profit from customers you’ve already won.

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