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How Much Should You Expect to Pay for an Inkjet Envelope Printer?

Posted by: Tim Murphy on 4/4/19 11:32 AM

If you're ready to talk dollar and cents, I'm not going to waste one minute of your time - click here to have a rep contact you to discuss details. For those of you who would like a little more information first, I'm going to briefly cover what's included when you buy an iJetColor envelope printer, purchasing options, and return on investment.

What's Included? 

How Much Should You Expect to Pay for an Inkjet Envelope Printer? An iJetColor envelope printer is sold in a performance bundle. It's an all-in-one, complete solution with everything you need to start printing envelopes and turning profit. The iJetColor Press Performance Bundle includes:

  • The iJetColor Print Engine
  • The color matching RIP and Workflow
  • The Memjet® printhead
  • A combo ink pack 
  • Output conveyor
  • Even a workbench!

Basically, you get the printer, the technology, the software to run it, and enough ink to print thousands of 4-color envelopes in the performance bundle. 

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Additionally, customers also receive great customer service, training, and access to online training materials. This way, any existing or new staff member can quickly learn how to use the printing system. 

Purchasing Options

We have two purchasing options: buying and leasing. Both opportunities give customers full use of the iJetColor Press Performance Bundle and full access to our customer service and training materials, meaning you'll have the support you need to not only complete short-run envelope printing but to do it profitably. 

Predict Your Profits

Adding the iJetColor Press to your printing operations is a quick way to increase the ROI of your business and make short-run envelope printing easy. We've created a way for potential customers to calculate what their profits would look like with the iJetColor envelope printer. 

If you're interested in calculating the ROI you can expect with the iJectColor Press, click below to access our profit predictor. 

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Wondering What Your Investment Payback Period Would Look Like? Predict Your Profits