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Inkjet Printing and Profitability

Posted by: Tim Murphy on 7/18/17 3:01 PM

Finding ways to stay both competitive and profitable is a struggle for many small- and medium-sized businesses today. Inkjet printing is quickly gaining the attention of print providers who have been operating in the printing industry for decades, as well as new business owners who realize that print materials are far from obsolete.

About Inkjet Printing

Oftentimes compared to digital printers, inkjet printers have all of the standard benefits of digital printing (speed, workflows, variable data printing, outstanding color capabilities). In addition, inkjet printers also give printing operations the capabilities to capitalize on the current popularity of short-run, high-volume envelope printing.


Business Printing and Profitability

Inkjet Printing and ProfitabilityWith other envelope printers, printing profitability significantly decreases with shorter runs, but that’s not the case with inkjet technology.

With the persistent popularity of physical, print documents, especially in the realm of direct mail, the potential benefits of inkjet printing are seemingly endless.

The demand for high-quality, full-color envelope printing shows no signs of slowing down. As a result, both new and established businesses are seeking ways to increase profitability through this channel. Inkjet printing, with its reliance on low-cost materials and growing reputation for ease of use, is an attractive method.

Capitalizing on Demand

Numerous businesses who switch from digital to inkjet printing are finding out just how much their profit margins can and will grow. Because just about anyone can be quickly trained to operate these sophisticated machines and material costs are low, the total cost of operation for an inkjet printer is very low when compared to other printers in the market.

Personalizing Applications

Another component that raises printing profitability is the ability to quickly and easily store and retrieve data from previous print jobs and apply that data to future runs. In an industry where customers prefer to work with a single business for their print needs, variable data printing is highly valuable.

This capability also allows for exact color matching, affordable personalization, and consistency throughout the finished product. All of these things are easy to benefit from with inkjet printing.

If you’re wondering how your business could benefit from an inkjet printer, take a moment to try our profit predictor. Just plug in a few common variables about your print runs and see how your profitability could change with inkjet printing.

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