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Your High-Volume Envelope Printer for Short-Run Work

Posted by: Claire Leiter on 4/18/19 6:18 PM

The iJetColor family began with the first high-speed, low-cost digital inkjet envelope press—the iJetColor Classic. And for six years, printers from two-man shops to five-location operations utilized this reliable, durable equipment for printing millions of full-color envelopes.

As the digital revolution permeated the print industry, printers began asking for a iJetColor Pro 2-19different envelope solution—a digital solution for short-run work that would handle not tens of thousands, but hundreds of thousands or even millions of envelopes per month.

So, we took the industry-leading inkjet technology, paired it with a reliable vacuum belt, and developed a new operating system to deliver short-run envelopes at speeds of over 7,120/hr at costs as low as 3/10s of a penny. We call her the iJetColor Pro.

The iJetColor Pro maintains the benefits of inkjet:

  • Full bleeds, Full Color
  • Industry-leading output for short-run envelopes
  • Lowest consumables costs, as low as 3/10s of a penny per piece
  • Accepts regular window envelopes
  • No creasing or embossing of envelopes
  • Easy operation and maintenance

With the added abilities and features for high volume print shops:

  • Vacuum feed system for high volume input
  • High capacity hopper
  • Print driver designed specifically for high volume short-run and batch workflow
  • Easily prints coin, remit, catalogue, stationery, and business envelopes as small as 2” x 3 ½” up to 12” x 17”
  • Feeds substrates up to 1” thick for unique application usage

The iJetColor Pro is designed and built by our in-house technical team—each member boasting thirty-some years in the industry, creating, building, and supporting the advancements in print technology.

For the printer who can’t print short-run, full-color work fast or cheap enough, we designed this for you.

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