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Three Questions to Ask When Investing in New Equipment

Posted by: Bill Frederick on 8/28/18 1:24 PM

With the largest print show of the year approaching, printers around the country are beginning to think about the new equipment and technology they want to see. With all of the options and varying technologies, where does one begin to discern what equipment is right for them?

When it comes to printing short-run envelopes, we believe finding the right equipment starts with three simple questions.

Does it do what i need?

The equipment is only useful if it is capable of doing what you need (and want!) it to do. To assess your needs, consider the work you currently do and industry trends like customized images, full bleeds, and brand color-matching that will keep current customers coming back and attract new ones.

Does it do it easily?

The option that does what you need, and easily, is the better technology. Are envelopes continuous-fed or stop-fed? Is there one-touch job processing? How do I match PMS colors? And, perhaps most importantly, how is the equipment supported by the manufacturer?  

How much money will it make me?

Most printers would agree—the more, the better! Consider the cost per piece; for example, printers have found toner to be as much as 3x the cost of inkjet. The lower your operating costs, the more profitable your business can be.

Investing in new equipment is an opportunity for printers to do more for their customers, and ultimately, their business. Considering the capabilities, ease of use, and profitability of your investment options will help you determine the right equipment for your business. 

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