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Good Deeds with the iJetColor Family

Posted by: Claire Leiter on 5/29/20 11:00 AM

"But you know, happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light." ― Albus Dumbledore Our customers are surely turning on the light! Their creative endeavors to do some good in these “dark” times is a great way to focus on what they can control while supporting the communities they serve. Here are a few examples:
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Your Top 5 FAQs Answered

Posted by: Bill Frederick on 5/21/20 8:18 AM

Whether you're already thinking about buying an iJetColor system or are just learning about iJetColor, here are our top 5 frequently asked questions: 
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Don't Overlook the Envelope

Posted by: Claire Leiter on 4/23/20 11:57 AM

Everyone gets so much mail every day and who has time to open all of it? Don't overlook the marketing potential of the envelope. How can you help your customers make sure that their mailers don't end up in the recycling bin? After all, you both put a lot of work into it. To help ensure that their message is read, help your customers to utilize the blank space of the envelope with these three ideas. 
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How We're Here for You

Posted by: Tim Murphy on 4/16/20 2:27 PM

At Printware, we are here for our customers 24/7. Whether you're having a technical hiccup or just want to utilize some down-time to do a little spring cleaning on your iJetColor machine, we have technical support for you! Here are the variety of ways we support you remotely:
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The Challenge of Labor in the Print Industry: Solved

Posted by: Tim Murphy on 3/27/20 3:25 PM

AP Technologies recently hosted a panel to uncover industry leaders’ perspective on the state of the print industry in 2020—you can read about the panel members’ outlook here. One of the themes I noticed from their responses, and have heard myself in my daily conversations with printers, is the challenge of the changing labor force. You may be experiencing it yourself: pressmen are retiring and new help (if you can find it) is inexperienced or even hard to find. As it relates to envelope production, the good news is this industry challenge can have little impact on your business with the iJetColor press for three key reasons.
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Is Your Direct Mail Operation Ready for Election Season?

Posted by: Claire Leiter on 2/21/20 3:30 PM

You might be sick of hearing about politics already, but I wouldn’t turn a deaf ear to the noise—it can mean serious business for printers. Offices from the top (*ahem* the President) down (including, perhaps, your local county tax assessor or city council members), are on the ballot in November which means there are a lot of campaigns vying for attention. And direct mail is one way they’ll achieve it—will you be helping them? Here are three components to earning and fulfilling Election Direct Mail business this year.
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Toner or Inkjet?

Posted by: Claire Leiter on 11/12/19 10:41 AM

When considering an investment in an envelope press—whether your current device is old or broken or you’re retiring your offset press—you will likely look at both inkjet and toner. They differ greatly, so here are a few questions to ask yourself.
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Solution Considerations: iJet Classic/NXT vs. iJet Pro

Posted by: Bill Frederick on 8/28/19 11:38 AM

We regularly hear this question from high volume printers: Should I get multiple iJetColor benchtop systems or an iJetColor Pro? It’s true the two options can ultimately handle equal volumes, so which option is the right solution for your print shop? There are a few things to consider.
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Which iJetColor System is Right for You?

Posted by: Bill Frederick on 6/21/19 4:08 PM

For over six years, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses print short-run envelopes faster and more profitably with a single solution: the iJetColor Press (which is now known as the iJetColor Classic). Powered by Memjet technology, the iJetColor outputs at 1/3 of the cost of toner devices and 2x faster, making it the right solution for 900+ printers in North America. With the increasing demand for inkjet solutions and a widening number of printers transitioning to inkjet from toner or offset, we too needed a wider range of solutions to meet those needs—thus, came the iJetColor NXT and the iJetColor Pro in September 2018. What’s the difference?   Which one will meet your needs? There are two primary components to this decision.
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Your High-Volume Envelope Printer for Short-Run Work

Posted by: Claire Leiter on 4/18/19 6:18 PM

The iJetColor family began with the first high-speed, low-cost digital inkjet envelope press—the iJetColor Classic. And for six years, printers from two-man shops to five-location operations utilized this reliable, durable equipment for printing millions of full-color envelopes.
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