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How to Prep Your iJet Press for the Holidays

Posted by: Annie Goldberg on 12/21/20 10:44 AM

As the holidays quickly approach, I hope you are planning to take some much deserved r and r, but don't forget to get your iJet Press ready for a vacation of its' own! If you plan to halt print production on your iJet press for a few days over the holidays, here are a few things you can do to ensure that it is ready to go when you return. 
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Got Ink?

Posted by: Annie Goldberg on 11/19/20 1:30 PM

One of the questions our sales guys get asked most about the iJetColor envelope presses is, “Is the ink water-safe?” Until now, the answer to that was no, but with the launch of our newest product, the iJetColor Pro 1175P, we can happily answer, “Yes, the pigment-based ink is water-safe!” So, what does that mean and what other advantages does pigment ink bring to the table? Keep reading to find out!   
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Tax Advantages

Posted by: Bill Frederick on 10/2/20 9:15 AM

If this was a normal year - we won't pretend that it is - making decisions about new equipment purchasing would be a lot easier, but with financial instability due to the pandemic, we understand that these decisions are hard. That's why we want to share some information about tax advantages for 2020 filing from our friends at American Financial Partners.  These two tax advantages make the purchase of capital equipment before the end of the year not only possible, but financially beneficial to you! Maybe you'll be welcoming an iJetColor envelope press to your print operation in 2020 afterall. 
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Michigan Election Resources Customer Testimonial Video

Posted by: Claire Leiter on 9/21/20 10:21 AM

Nothing sells our products better than happy customers! Watch the video below to hear how Michigan Election Resources is using the iJetColor Pro for fast turnaround on their short-run, election ballot envelope printing. 
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Now's the Time to Make the Switch from Offset to Inkjet!

Posted by: Tim Murphy on 8/27/20 1:00 PM

According to Marco Boer of IT Strategies, the pandemic is accelerating the decline of offset presses for two main reasons. First, many paper mills are closing - temporarily or permanently, causing the economies of scale for paper production to be lost. Secondly, labor problems, “You can’t find labor, you can’t afford it, and right now, you don’t want a lot of it anyway. That will further accelerate the decline in offset. Already, the mid-range shops are using this time to get rid of their offset presses.” A higher cost of paper and a shortage of labor also impacts the production of direct mail because producing hundreds of thousands of pieces of direct mail with only a 1%-2% response rate is no longer acceptable. Direct mail content needs to be targeted more effectively and more efficiently made, which makes a short-run envelope press just the ticket.
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Profit Now, Pay Later

Posted by: Bill Frederick on 8/13/20 10:00 AM

We know the purse strings are tight these days, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on profitably producing envelopes to help drive your business during these tough times. Between mail-in-voting and an increased relevancy of direct mail, envelopes are in demand! Check out our Profit Now, Pay Later program to find a leasing option that works for you and your business. 
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Increase Direct Mail Sales with Remits

Posted by: Claire Leiter on 7/31/20 4:00 PM

Charitable organizations are facing an increased demand for their services AND a surge of donations. Hopefully the steady flow of charitable giving will continue as the pandemic marches on. Remit envelopes are an effective way for charitable organizations to remind people to give and make it easy to do so. 
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Print Faster with Efficiently Designed PDFs

Posted by: Tim Murphy on 7/8/20 9:45 AM

If you haven’t read "FULL SPEED AHEAD - How to make variable data PDF files that won't slow your digital press" by Martin Bailey of Global Graphics yet, you should. There are a lot of great tips on how to keep your iJetColor system printing jobs at full speed by making sure that your PDF files are designed effectively. Here are our top 3 tips from the guide:
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Direct Mail During a Pandemic

Posted by: Claire Leiter on 6/26/20 9:45 AM

Do you know about the increased demand for direct mail created by the global pandemic?
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The 2020 Election Season & The Print Industry

Posted by: Bill Frederick on 6/15/20 8:35 AM

Election season is gearing up and it looks like printers will play a key role this year due to health concerns with the ongoing pandemic. Are you prepared to meet the demand?  
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