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What I (Re)learned at PRINT18!

Posted by: Tim Murphy on 10/16/18 9:42 AM

It’s been a few weeks since PRINT18 and we’re still experiencing the post-show high. The opportunity to exhibit new products, see other innovations in the industry, and meet the iJetColor users we’ve on-boarded through the years is energizing and always brings me renewed excitement for the next year.

This year, PRINT18 also renewed my appreciation for three key ideas that make all the difference between gaining a customer and gaining an enthusiast.


What everyone knows (or has often learned the hard way) is that there is no perfect product, but there should be the right product for the right job. We’ve heard over and over about the high costs and low speeds of toner devices that are supposed to serve as the perfect product but often fail to live up to the needs of customers. When I visited with John Hudack of Dupli at the show, he was a clear enthusiast, explaining how the iJetColor inkjet solution provides the right economics for his customers' need for cost-effective direct mail.


It was fun for our entire service team to meet the iJetColor owners and operators we’ve on-boarded and supported remotely for years! The owners and operators shared their appreciation for our readily available tech team, and a few new visitors even commented on how knowledgeable our techs are compared to other equipment sellers (it's because we are committed to ensuring our products meet customer goals – not our goals).


Having a product that provides unique technology with industry-leading economic benefits and is supported like no other piece of equipment in the industry has been the differentiation for us at Printware. Printers buy more than just a machine, they want a solution. That’s why they get the conveyor, workflow and computer, color management RIP, and even the tables—we thought of everything! Plus, they can call us for support and we’ll answer.

I’m proud to have built a brand that creates enthusiasts and look forward to the next year of advancing our mission of delighting our customers with profitable print solutions like no one else in the world!

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