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An iJetColor Printer is Not Right for You If...

Posted by: Tim Murphy on 6/7/18 1:43 PM

Most often, you’ll hear me talking about all the reasons why an iJetColor printer is right for your printing business. After all, these inkjet printers turn the small volume printing of envelopes into quick work. But today, you’ll hear me singing a different tune. Instead of thinking about reasons why someone would benefit from an iJetColor, I thought up a few reasons why they might not.

Five Reasons an iJetColor Printer isn’t Right for You

  1. An iJetColor Printer is Not Right for Your If...You never print envelopes for your customers for any of your mailing jobs – if envelopes are not a part of your business services.
  2. You don’t like to produce products quickly and profitably for your customers the same day as they ordered them.
  3. You use a toner device to print envelopes and enjoy buying toner, drums, and fusers, and you never want to produce full bleeds.
  4. You believe print is dying (it’s not) and are converting your business to a website-only service.
  5. You don’t want easy-to-use, highly profitable, reliable tools to help your customers.

Any and all of these items are great reasons to not buy an iJetColor envelope printer.

Does that Sound Like You?

If that list doesn’t describe you or your business, you would probably benefit from adding an iJetColor envelope printer to your outfit. Our customer feedback includes positive remarks on the device’s speed, color capabilities, ease of use, and our great customer service. The iJetColor is a very effective tool for creating direct mail pieces that get noticed and attract prospects.  

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