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Is Your Direct Mail Operation Ready for Election Season?

Posted by: Claire Leiter on 2/21/20 3:30 PM

You might be sick of hearing about politics already, but I wouldn’t turn a deaf ear to the noise—it can mean serious business for printers.

Offices from the top (*ahem* the President) down (including, perhaps, your local county tax assessor or city council members), are on the ballot in November which means there are a lot of campaigns vying for attention. And direct mail is one way they’ll achieve it—will you be helping them?

Here are three components to earning and fulfilling Election Direct Mail business this year.


In both small and large election operations, messaging can change from one hour to the next. Plus, consumers expect quicker interaction with brands and organizations that they engage with or support. A print operation that can deliver quickly for a campaign is critical in the fast-paced election world.

Breaking through the noise

We’ve all experienced it: the handfuls of mail during election season. Which one do you pick out from the pile? The one that is uniquely designed or sized, perhaps even personalized (i.e. a full-color, A7 envelope that has a personalized message in the corner and bleeds off the edge). Candidates need to stand out; having a print solution that helps them break through the noise with personalized, unique designs and sizes is important.

Profiting with budgets

Trust me, I’ve worked on political campaigns, and this is a big one. Campaigns, especially local ones, have limited funds and sometimes even spending limits which drive them to seek the lowest price for the maximum reach. Certainly, being competitive in the market will help capture business, but how profitable are your methods? Having a low-cost print solution will enable you to remain competitive while ensuring healthy profits.

If you need a print solution that provides these benefits to better prepare your print operation for election season, the iJetColor family of inkjet presses will deliver. Contact us today to explore how this envelope print solution.

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