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How to Market and Sell Inkjet Envelopes

Posted by: Tim Murphy on 1/9/19 11:20 AM

Many Printers who are making the switch to inkjet have questions about how to market and sell their new capabilities. For Printers still evaluating inkjet, they wonder how they would do the same. 

Rest easy with these three key elements to marketing and selling inkjet envelopes:


Show current customers and new prospects what you can do with printed samples of full-color, full-bleed, and variable data envelopes of various sizes—from small coin envelopes to 9x12 or 10x13s. You can even print sample art on your invoices and mailings to demonstrate your new capabilities.

Consider Pricing

Evaluate your current pricing structure. With your costs at a fraction of a penny per piece, does it make sense to lower prices to earn new customers? Also, consider how you will price full-color compared to black and white, and what you will additionally charge for variable data printing.

Add offerings

With fast output speeds, you can offer next-day or even same-day turnaround to customers who are in a pinch or just plain needy (you know who I’m talking about). Plus, printing is so fast and simple, offering low quantities of 500, 250, 25, or 1 is another great way to cultivate business for your inkjet press.

These three ideas are a great starting point in brainstorming methods for promoting and selling inkjet capabilities. Inkjet increases in profitability the more it’s used, so, as we like to say at Printware, “Print away, Printer!”

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